XECAN Announces Its “Touchless” Facial Recognition Technology Can Identify and Verify Patients with or Without Masks on

Patients can be checked in and verified against the EMR system using facial recognition even if the patients have their masks on.

Boston, MA, October 07, 2020 –(PR.com)– Touchless patient check-in, verification in the treatment room, and workflow may seem futuristic, but XECAN, a company based in Boston, MA has been providing touchless clinic technology for over 10 years. Now, this technology can help immunocompromised cancer patients feel more at ease during treatment in the era of COVID-19 by reducing/eliminating their need to physically interact with many facets of their treatment. This reduction/elimination of physical interaction with objects and surfaces, which may harbor virus particles, helps these patients avoid infection and improve their treatment experience. Because XECAN offers various means of touchless verification, patients can be verified with or without masks.Denise Lane, Relationship Manager at XECAN states, “When we started this company, our mission was clinic staff safety, patient safety, and treatment accuracy. Although this continues to be our mission, what we have found is that in today’s COVID-19 environment, our touchless technology is even more important and in high demand. Our software can check patients in, as well as, verify their charts using facial recognition while their masks are on. As a result, we would like to do our part to reduce infection risks by ensuring each and every clinic has the option to implement our touchless technology with minimal costs during these trying times.”

Join XECAN for their informational webinar on October 22, 2020 at 12:30 EST. Register by contacting Denise Lane via email at DBLane@XECAN.com.

For more information about how XECAN can help your clinic or hospital visit www.XECAN.com[2] or via email at info@XECAN.com[3].

Company Contact:
Denise B. Lane

Company Information:
XECAN was founded in 2010 and uses proprietary software to transform cancer clinics into smart clinics. XECAN is the leading provider of smart clinic, touchless technology, and its solution improves clinic workflow and patient treatment safety, as well as the overall quality of patient care. The XECAN suite has five modular sub-systems: patient auto-queuing, exam room workflow & tracking, electronic whiteboards and patient auto-verification.

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