Press Release: Appreciation Week Recognizes Essential Services of Arizona Water Professionals

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Appreciation Week Recognizes Essential Services of Arizona Water Professionals

PHOENIX – Like so much else, the COVID-19 virus has caused the cancellation of scheduled Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week events this year.

That doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate the essential services that the State’s water professionals provide.

Arizona lawmakers already have done so.

House Resolution 2003, passed by the Legislature in March, decreed April 12-18 as the week that Arizonans will honor the hard work of professionals in the water industry.

The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (D-Sahuarita), was read on the floor of the House of Representatives on March 18.

In part, the resolution invited lawmakers to “extend sincere gratitude and appreciation to the water professionals who are on the front line of delivering Arizona’s safe and reliable water…”

The reading of the resolution can be found here:[1].

Now in its second year in Arizona, this recognition program was started by professionals[2] who work in Arizona’s water industry. It is intended to spotlight their role in promoting clean and sustainable water supplies while drawing attention to career opportunities in the water industry and increasing awareness of Arizona’s unique water resources.

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Thousands of professionals work in water-related fields in Arizona, and new employees are needed each year due to growth in the industry and to replace an aging workforce. The water industry offers a wide variety of rewarding career opportunities in engineering, hydrology, water operations, biology, policy, economics, business administration, law, and communications.

See also:[3]

For more information regarding this matter, please contact Juliet McKenna, organizer of Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week at[4].

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